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Sydney Driving Lessons for Anxiety

-  Melbourne services conclude September 2024  -

Surry Hills Driver Training  
Extreme Anxiety & Neurodivergent Specialist.

Achieve your independence.
- Now.

Anxiety & Neurodivergent Driving Lessons Sydney
Sydney Driving Lessons for Neurodivergent ADHD and Autism

Nothing is holding you back.

You can start driving confidently and without anxiety.  Now.


You can learn specialised methods to drive with confidence, quickly and easily.

At the completion of your first lesson, driving will feel much easier and less stressful than you ever expected - or the full price of your lesson will be refunded, no questions asked.

I can now also support you internationally, with guaranteed results - starting mid 2024 I am available for 14-day in-person exclusive 1:1 driver training at your location, including USA, Canada, Europe and Asia!

Teaching that just works - for you.

I'm Todd, one of only a small select group of dedicated and highly experienced instructors in Australia, and globally, who specialise and excel in neurodiversity-focussed driver training.  I listen, to you.

You will learn how to overcome each specific critical problem that is holding you back at every stage of your driving development.

Your driver training will be unique to you and your specific needs and stage of progress.

This is driver training, re-imagined.

Learn much faster, and in a controlled environment.

Our roads can be a stressful, aggressive and dangerous place.

You can learn how to make it a calm and far safer experience, in a highly controlled environment that feels safe, informative, infinitely patient and genuinely reassuring.

Learn and progress rapidly in just 1-3 lessons, and much faster overall compared to traditional driving lessons.  Packages are not required as students typically progress so quickly.

50% discount throughout 2024!

Sydney advanced driver training lessons have commenced in May, and all bookings for 2024 lessons receive a 50% discount.

I'm moving back home to Sydney in November 2024, however I currently live and teach in Melbourne.  To help you start your driver training asap I'll be teaching in Sydney on select dates in 2024 until I relocate in November.

I offer specialist driving lessons in all suburbs between Abbotsford, Marrickville, Randwick, Bondi and Sydney CBD.  If you're outside these areas just email to arrange a convenient starting location.

Sydney Driving School for Anxiety
Sydney Driving School for Neurodivergent ADHD and Autism

I teach extremely anxious and neurodiverse drivers how to confidently enjoy driving - much earlier than expected.

If you're outside my service area and you'd like to overcome the driving anxiety or difficulty learning to drive that has so far held you back, email me to arrange a convenient starting location.


“The idea of learning to drive was so daunting for me, but after just two lessons so far with Todd, I'm already feeling so much better about driving, to the point where I'm genuinely looking forward to the next lesson!  Todd is incredibly patient, level-headed, experienced and knowledgeable, and the wisdom and tips he shares are already proving themselves invaluable on the road.  I consider myself very fortunate to have found Todd as a driving instructor and highly recommend Surry Hills Driver Training to anyone learning to drive!”

-  Olivia  -

Sydney Anxious Driving School Reviews
Sydney Driving Instructor for Anxiety, Neurodivergent, ADHD and Autism
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